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Some Kind Of Records

“Some Kind Of Records” exhibition happens in 001 gallery on the occasion of FotoLeggendo Photo Festival, in Rome.

FotoLeggendo is an annual festival organized and produced by Officine Fotografiche (Rome) since 2005  in collaboration with other international photo-festivals and involving the most important photographic realities in Rome.


In 2014, my job as a photography assistant took me on a stroll around the world, from Australian farms to the Asian, European and American metropolises.
From this trip originates “Some Kind of Records”, a sort of memo and scratch pad. I like indeed to think about these pictures as notes written by instinct during my moments of loneliness, moments I rewarded myself with, often sacrificing precious hours of sleep, because loneliness is a luxury: “[…] when one can remain alone with himself, I think he manages more easily to have a contact with the surrounding… The surrounding is not made just by our kind, I’d say the whole universe makes it: from the leaf that appears during the night in a field, to the stars. And one can succeed better to reconcile with this surrounding, can think better about his problems, I even believe one can find better solutions. […]”, said Fabrizio De André in his In praise of solitude.
I found myself lost in unfamiliar metropolises at nighttime, but in these images I found myself. I recognize in them the visual proof of the rightness and coherence of my thoughts, emerged in those moments of harmony with the surrounding.

Vernissage – 001 gallery, Rome
curated by Valentina Sestieri